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A Guide To Simple And Painless Mobile User Testing

The incredible growth of mobile and the proliferation of mobile devices has made the UX designer’s job more challenging and interesting. It also means that user-testing mobile apps and websites is an essential component of the UX toolkit.

A new year provides a natural chance to take a look back and reflect on some of the more amazing things that happened. Here at STORY, we’re constantly changing so rare is the moment when we take a second to celebrate the successes – from collaborations to super cool events. Since we have a bit of a breather as we prepare for our next STORY (opening later this January) we thought we’d take a second to reminisce on the past year.


To ring in 2015, we teamed up with the editors at Yahoo to explore how to be your very best – from how to be beautiful with Bobbi Brown and chic with Joe Zee to be a little more healthy with Michele Promaulayko. Highlights: Getting to break it down with Joe Zee and discovering the cosmic goodness of Moon Juice thanks to our friend, Yahoo Food editor Kerry Diamond.


What’s your STORY? That’s the question we set out to explore (and inspire you to answer) in partnership with Awesomeness TV, the largest network for teen creators on YouTube. To bring the “me” manifesto to life we invited a handful of Awesomeness’ personalities: Ingrid Nielson, Sawyer Hartman, Connor Franta, and more to help us curate items that expressed their POV. Highlights: An in-store PHHHOTO booth, an IRL conversation with Ingrid Nielson, and our dreamy collaboration with artist Samantha Hahn.

Spring had us thinking about squad goals when we teamed up

What happens when an idea intersects with the resources to bring it to life? In our case the result was Creativity, a concept that turned our store into a design sanctuary, highlighted by inventions from the Lexus Design Award – an international design competition held annually in Milan. Highlights: An interactive light installation by Sachem Arvidson, the U.S. debut of 2014 LDA Winner Sebastian Scherer’s Iris lamp, and a Pitch Night with Bezar founder Bradford Shellhammer and Surface Magazine Editor-in-Chief Spencer Bailey.


Follow your art. In August it lead us to Instagram sensation and multi-hyphenate artist Donald Robertson, who we enlisted to takeover our space by art bombing the walls and lending his artistic vision to an array of collaborative products. Highlights (almost too many to count): The release of Robertson’s fashion-forward children’s book, “Mitford at the Fashion Zoo,” a DIY station produced in collaboration with Bow + Drape, and arted-on UrbanEars headphones, Mi Cielo tees, Diet Coke bottles, Canada Goose jackets and more.


At STORY we talk a lot about experience per square foot and the idea. Fact is: today you can have just about anything delivered to your door in an instant, so there’s a greater value placed on what you get beyond the item itself. In the world of retail this has taken shape through the growth of brick and mortar locations where you can get a hot towel shave with your Harry’s razor. In 2016, we see this trend giving way to an economy that transacts by way of experience: from The School of Life’s drop-in workshops to pop-up museums devoted to feelings.


The ‘slow’ movement has been gaining steam for some time, particularly as it applies to food and even fashion. But as digital technologies become more omnipresent in our every day lives (see NYC’s high speed Internet phone booths), there becomes a greater nostalgia and appreciation for the days when you didn’t have everything in the palm of your hand. In 2016 we see this supporting efforts to disconnect from technology, whether at a mediation studio or Pause an app that puts relaxation at your fingertips, while also conditioning an increased connection to hand-crafted goods, foods – even face to face communication.

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